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The STA 30 is a NATO 7.62 x 51 mm bolt action sniper rifle system complete with suppressor and magazine.
Its match grade 600 mm barrel with 1 in 305 mm, 4 rifle groove is a ‘free floating’ heavy barrel with muzzle end  thread for suppressor attachment.
The gun body receiver and barrel assembly fit directly to AEI’s and AI’s Chassis System rifle stocks, and is compatible with Remington 700 trigger units.
The bolt has 4 breech locking lugs that provide uniform cartridge case support.
The bolt extractor and cartridge case ejector plunger parts are standard ‘off the shelf’ items.
As standard it has a Picatinny rail on receiver body in a 12 o/c position however modifications can be made to suit client requests.

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The stock
  • Collapsible
  • Monopod incorporated
  • Butthook
  • Adjustable cheek pad
  • Butt pad for comfort
  • Picatinny rails in 9 o/c & 3 o/c handgrip positions
  • Aluminium chassis construction
  • Lightweight
  • Choice of colours; black, green and sand
  • AI’s Chassis System rifle stock compatible
Bolt action
  • Bolt locking; move fully forward then radial 45° clockwise action locks the bolt and transfers retracted firing pin sear to the trigger sear for ‘ready to fire’ state.
  • Bolt unlocking; radial 45° anticlockwise action also cocks and safety locks the firing pin. Symmetrical cam tracks apply a balanced firing pin retraction force along firing pin centreline.
  • Cocking handle fulcrum action reduces bolt extraction forces to the operator.
  • Sprung loaded ‘stop pin’ prevents bolt separation from the receiver body during normal bolt operation.
  • STA 30 bolt and receiver assembly exceeds other comparable rifles in terms of strength and ease of manufacture.
Calibre;NATO 7.62 x 51 mm
Weight;7.6 kg (less sight and magazine)
Effective range;1,000 m
Muzzle velocity;899 m/s
Magazine capacity;10 rounds
Data sheet

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